Siew Sin’s Early Years: The Active Boy became President

Tun Tan Cheng Lock Centre for Social and Policy Studies (TCLC) organised a talk entitled “Siew Sin’s Early Years: The Active Boy became President” conducted by Mr Har Wai Mun from UTAR (FAM), on 27 August 2019.

Mr Har delivering his talk

Present at the talk were UTAR TCLC Chairperson Assoc Prof Dr Chin Yee Mun, and 10 more attendees in the audience including UTAR academic staff, students who are interested with the topic.

The talk focused on the life of Tun Tan Siew Sin. Tun Tan lived in an era of changes. As a young man he went pre-Second World War life in Europe and facing the wrought of the war in India. These experiences would to some extent shaped Tun Tan’s political thought. When he came back to Malaya, Tun Tan assisted his father, Tun Tan Cheng Lock who himself a statesman.

Har Wai Mun is a member of TCLC, senior lecturer from Economics Department, Faculty of Accountancy and Management and principle investigator of a research grant on Tun Tan Siew Sin’ Biography. He has numerous publications of books, book chapters, journals, magazines and newspapers column articles.

The 10 participants listening to the talk